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The BK Stain Scheme is created allow ceramists to have a wide selection of stains available, with wells for approximately 17 various shades, plus a mixing location for developing customized shades.
It has a simple, easy to utilize layout, made from a strong plastic and also includes a lid that produces a limited seal to keep products from drying out when not in use. The double covering style offers the BK Spot Scheme a sturdy sensation, yet allows customers to quickly clean the palette by merely putting it under running water.

On top of that, the cost of the BK Stain Palette, much less than $30, makes it a budget-friendly addition for any kind of lab and provides customers the possibility to get numerous trays for various kinds of stains as well as modifiers.
Outstanding enhancements to the BK Stain Combination consist of the BK-Medent Spot Brush Establish, the BK-Medent Porcelain Mixing Stick or the BK-Medent Natural Kolinsky or Synthetic Porcelain Brushes.

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