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perhaps we’re biased, however we think everybody has a use for a macropad. It’s just a matter of time before a extremely personalized set of speed controls starts to sound like a excellent time-saving gadget to have around.

Trouble is, macropads are usually kind of costly to purchase outright, as well as not everybody feels comfortable building keyboards. Okay, so what if you didn’t even have to solder anything? That’s the concept behind [Jan Lunge]’s hand-wired macropad.

You will still want to open a window for ventilation if you develop this one, since this macropad requires a great deal of 3D printing. What it doesn’t require is glue or screws, since whatever snaps together.

Of course, the star of this develop is [Jan]’s hot swap socket design. We particularly love the little clip that holds the column wires in place while likewise providing a spacer between those as well as the row wires. whatever is connected up to a pro Micro with non-insulated wire as well as held in place with bends at the ends as well as the magic of tension. Be sure to check out the develop video after the break.

Thirsty for much more than a six pack of switches? This style is simple to scale up until you run out of microcontroller inputs. At that point, you may want to add screens to keep track of all your macros.

Thanks for the tip, [BaldPower]!

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