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possibly someday in the future when our portable electronics are powered by inexhaustible dilithium crystals, we’ll look back fondly on the 2020s when we brought around power banks to revive our flagging tech. Oh exactly how we laughed as we reached for those useful plastic bricks only to discover them drained already of juice, we’ll say. [Handy Geng] won’t be joining us though, since he’s made the supreme power bank, a 27,000 AH leviathan that utilizes an electric cars and truck battery for storage as well as supplies mains power with a brace of sockets on its end.

The car battery is mounted on a wheeled trolley together with what appears to be either the in-car charging system or a mains inverter. The whole thing is styled to look like a significant version of a pocket power bank, with a rounded sheet metal shell as well as white hardboard end panels. The presentation pushes the comedy further, as after charging a significant stack of phones he replenishes an electric scooter before settling sown by a chilly-looking river for a area of fishing — together with his washing machine, TV, as well as electric hotpot for a area of cooking. We appreciate the joke, as well as as we understand him of old we’re looking ahead to more.

Thanks [Fosselius] for the tip.

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