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We’ve got to admit, we don’t have any type of concept what to phone call this hack. Artist [Graham Dunning] refers to it somewhat dryly as the “Mechanical Techno method”, however that doesn’t rather do it justice. We’re believing “Turntable-sequencer-synthesizer-beat-box-dub-stepper thingy. With cowbell.”

Call it what you will, but [Graham] has truly gone the distance in extracting as much noise as possible from the humble turntable, which is utilized as a lot more of a synchronizer than a noise source. Although it does play records as well – at least part of them; [Graham] masks the grooves as well as anchors the tone arm to ensure that only part of a track is played. other records are masked with conductive film over which wiper contacts are placed, supplying triggers for different synthesizers. especially creative is the mechanical percussion section; a record is cut radially to type cams that mechanical followers trip over periodically to hit either the cone of a woofer for bass notes, or a cowbell for – well,  cowbell.

It may not charm to everyone, however you’ve got to admit there’s something mesmerizing about watching this rig in action. The beat is quite catchy, as well as as you can see in the online performance video after the break, there’s a great deal of space for [Graham] to reveal himself with this instrument. We wouldn’t mind seeing exactly how Compressorhead would put this rig to work in their performances either.

Thanks for the tip, [Shrad]

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