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before hearing about the Fubarino contest [Joseph] never thought about adding an Easter Egg to one of his own projects. however after seeing so numerous contest entrances we believe this is just the type of fun additional that needs to make its method into every design!

The subject of his entry is an oscilloscope clock which screens our URL instead of the numbers typically discovered on a clock face. He’s utilizing a SparkFun board to produce the clock — a piece of hardware we saw about 18 months back hidden inside of a vintage scope. The function is unlocked only when showing roman numerals in combination with a special serial command.

Replacing the numerals with the URL isn’t completely straight-forward. because an oscilloscope is a vector screen [Joseph] really had to develop his own range of begin as well as end coordinates for every character. fortunately he did a amazing task of documenting this which will enable you to make it state anything you wish.

This is an entry in the Fubarino Contest for a possibility at one of the 20 Fubarino SD boards which Microchip has put up as prizes!

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