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Seriously, the drawer pull on this Atari 2600 is not stock. Don’t they understand this voids the warranty? The thing is, you won’t actually discover any of the original internals anyway. When building this portable emulator housed in a 2600 case [Linear Nova] was careful to ensure that whatever could be brought back to its original condition (except for two hinges mounted on the back) sometime down the road. That’s a great goal to set for yourself. We believe the build is the fun part of most jobs and frequently question what to do with them when they’re done and our rate of interest has waned.

A seven-inch LCD screen was connected to the underside of the lid utilizing Velcro. When tilted up it’s at a nice viewing angle for the player. [Linear] prefers to utilize a Wii remote as the manage this portable video game emulator. It links to the Raspberry Pi over Bluetooth utilizing a USB dongle. The advantage of this is that you just throw the remote inside the case too. For now there are two power cords, one for the RPi and the other for the LCD screen but he plans to add a power hub in the future to narrow this down to one. We question it that would also be a great time to add his own rechargeable battery pack option? There should be sufficient space for an RC style pack.

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