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[Dirk] had a problem: while he already had an Arduino with an Ethernet shield, he needed WiFi for an upcoming project. Running a Cat5 cable was out of the question, as well as a true Arduino WiFi shield is outrageously expensive. He did, however, have a WiFi router lying around, as well as decided it would make a perfect WiFi shield with just a bit bit of cutting.

The router [Dirk] utilized was a TL-WR702N, a typical router discovered in the parts bins of makers the world over. Inspiringly, the size of the router’s PCB was just larger than the area between the Arduino’s pin headers. turning the router into a shield is just a matter of scoring the edge of the board as well as gluing on a few pins for mechanical strength.

Power as well as ground lines were soldered between the pin headers as well as the router, while data is passed to the Arduino as well as Ethernet shield with a short cable. It may not look pretty, however if it works in a pinch we can’t complain.

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