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resident engineers, be careful the Beaver State. If you want to talk about engineering in a public setting, you’d much better have a license. If you don’t, you might end up like Oregon local mats Järlström — paying a $500 fine as well as being threatened with even larger civil penalties as well as jail time.

The story of exactly how Järlström ended up being ensnared in this regrettable series of events begins innocently enough, as well as it’s a story that any type of Hackaday visitor can most likely associate to. After his spouse got a web traffic ticket in the mail from a red-light video camera in the town of Beaverton, Järlström began considering the math of web traffic signal timing. After a bit digging, he discovered the formula utilized for calculating the time web traffic signals stay in the yellow stage. Moreover, he discovered a flaw in the formula, which dates back to 1959, that might result in inaccurate violations issued by automated web traffic cameras.

Järlström began interacting his findings far as well as wide, as any type of of us may perform in an attempt to best an injustice. however the very first guideline of engineering in Oregon is obviously not to talk about engineering in Oregon if you’re not a licensed expert engineer (PE), which Järlström is not. With a Bachelor’s in Electrical engineering from his native Sweden, the twenty-year local of Oregon is not qualified to method engineering in that state, at least by the lights of the Oregon specify Board of Examiners for engineering as well as Land Surveying. We’ve looked at unlicensed engineering problems before as well as it’s fascinating now to take a look at an example in practice.

That Board got wind of Järlström’s nefarious unlicensed engineering activities with a quite direct route: he told them about it. He asked the Board to look into the web traffic engineering methods in Beaverton, insisting that the city engineers were misusing traffic light timing formulas. They responded with a request that he stop practicing engineering without a license, as well as to stop referring to himself as an engineer without appropriate accreditation, lest fines as well as other actions be taken.

Although Järlström agreed to adhere to the Board’s request, he continued to press the issue, this time around on a much larger stage. The national Council of Examiners for engineering as well as Surveying, the Washington region Sheriff’s Office, regional TV news, as well as even 60 Minutes were all contacted with his findings. At that point, the Board swept in with a criminal investigation as well as issued the $500 fine, which Järlström paid.

Mr. Järlström has filed a federal civil rights suit (PDF) to speak as well as compose freely about web traffic light timing while utilizing the word engineer without a specify license.
There’s much much more to this story, including the appeals process that Järlström is going with now. The prominent media has chosen up the story, to the point where a Google browse of “Mats Järlström” brings up nothing however first-page hits on this particular story. however for Hackaday readers, the pressing problem is: might such obvious bureaucratic overreach affect me?

Degree Versus License

Like I directed out, the analysis that Järlström did was something that any type of of us may have done. however in spite of my snarky “Fight Club” recommendation before, I don’t believe his issues began with speaking about his findings, which any type of of us would likely perform in one method or another. I believe he ran afoul of the system by difficult the Board of Examiners to examine one of their own.

It’s saying to joke about rules as well as limitations put on the “blue collar” fields by trade unions, snickering at guidelines that state which apprentice can bring what material across the task site or the like. however don’t trick yourself — the guidelines that are put in location by august bodies such as the Oregon specify Board of Examiners for engineering as well as Surveying are developed to safeguard the tasks of dues paying members, just like any type of trade union’s rules.

To a specific extent, that’s a great thing — none of us want ersatz engineers building bridges or wannabe electricians wiring homes. however recall Pournelle’s Iron legislation of Bureaucracy as well as recognize that eventually, the whole point of a bureaucracy becomes protecting itself. In Järlström’s case, his difficulty to the Board to examine the city engineers was an affront to the bureaucracy, as well as they responded as bureaucrats frequently do: with a vengeance. Järlström is an engineer by degree however not by license. That distinction is at loggerheads in this affair.

So yes, dear Hackaday visitors as well as fellow citizens scientists as well as engineers, you as well may someday discover yourself slapped with a cease as well as desist purchase pursuant to your non-accredited activities. Hack carefully, understand your limits, as well as understand the legality of exactly how you represent yourself to the public. as well as above all, when you tug on a tiger’s tail you ought to have a plan to offer with the teeth.

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