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[RichDecibels] composed in to share a new gadget he developed called the “Sinster Tone Generator”. It’s basically a bass drone synthesizer that utilizes two pairs of heterodyning oscillators to produce the output. If you swing by his site, he has a long audio demo of the gadget in action with a bit of reverb as well as filtering used to improve the sound. After listening, we agree that it seems quite sinister!

The gadget is fairly little as well as handsomely packaged in a plastic job box he had custom cut by Ponoko. [Rich] states that this specific system is a one-off that he has created for a charity auction, as well as that bidding is open with Sunday if you truly want to get your hands on it. If you occur to have the time to develop one yourself, he has uploaded schematics as well as design data to his site (as usual), so feel free to stop by as well as grab a copy.

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