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USING A FLASHING LCD screen TO transfer data

We like the idea of utilizing an LCD screen to transfer data. the most wide-spread as well as successful technique we understand of is the combination of a QR code as well as the cam on a wise phone. however for less powerful/costly devices data can be transferred just by flashing colors on the screen. That’s what [Connor Taylor] is testing out with this project. He’s utilizing a TEMT6000 light sensor to turn a white as well as black flashing screen into binary data.

So far this is just a proof of idea that takes measurements from the light sensor which is held in front of a Macbook Retina screen with different backlight levels. At 3/4 as well as full brightness it supplies a lot more than sufficient contrast to reliably differentiate between black as well as white when measuring the sensor with the Arduino’s ADC. What he hasn’t gotten into yet is the timing needed to really transfer data. The problem arises when you requirement to have several 1’s or 0’s in a row. We’ve tried this ourselves utilizing an LDR with restricted success. We understand it’s possible to get it working considering that we’ve seen projects such as this clock which can only be programmed with a flashing screen.

[Connor’s] option of the TEMT6000 must verify to be a great deal a lot more sensitive than utilizing just an LDR. We figure he might discover a method to encode utilizing several colors in purchase to speed up the data transfer.

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