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Controlling the pH level of a service is typically a tedious task. adding an acid or base to the service will modification the pH, however manually monitoring the levels as well as adding the appropriate amount isn’t fun. [Reza] rigged up an automated pH controller to keep a solution’s pH steady.

The develop uses an Arduino with a LCD shield, screw terminal shields, as well as [Reza]’s own pH shield attached. A peristaltic pump is utilized to pump the pH down acid into the solution. This type of pump isolates the fluid from the pump parts, avoiding contamination of the solution. The pump is controlled utilizing a PowerSwitch Tail, allowing the Arduino to control the flow of fluid.

An Omega pH probe is utilized to checked out the pH level. [Reza]’s open source firmware has support for calibrating the probe to guarantee precise readings. when it’s set up, the screen displays the pH level as well as the present state of the system. The pump is enabled when the pH rises out of the desired range.

After the break, inspect out a video walk with of the device.

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