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PlayStation 3 Hardware Revision with Blu-ray copy Protection, BD-J For Blu-ray 3D Coming Soon?

Sony is apparently readying a hardware revision of their prominent PlayStation 3 console with an updated Blu-ray ROM which will function a new copy security system to battle piracy.

The source of the rumor is GamerTell. The site cites a “well-placed market source” who states that designers were just recently informed of a hardware revision of the PS3. The revised PS3 is in testing process as well as will function a new copy security system.

From GamerTell:

According to a well-placed market source who desires to stay anonymous, designers were just recently notified that a new revision of the PlayStation 3 is in the testing process …

Presumably this would at least avoid these newer consoles from running copied games with an extra layer of authentication. It’s likely that there will be some type of watermark on authentic PlayStation 3 discs that the drive is looking for. all of these steps are in reaction to the purchase of the PS3 root encryption essential earlier this year (2011) by hacker GeoHot which enables unlicensed code to be run on the PlayStation without restriction.

The new copy security system will be inside the newer Blu-ray ROM itself which is similar to exactly how the Xbox 360 Slim’s anti-piracy system works. It will add an additional layer for authentication of the game discs. GamerTell believes that there will be some kind of watermark on original PS3 games that won’t be on pirated disks. From this difference, the PS3 will infer whether to play the disc or not.

Along with the revised hardware, there would be a firmware upgrade which will have new chauffeurs to enhance 3D playback with Blu-ray discs.

The revised hardware, according to the source, is expected to be revealed with a cost decrease at this year’s Tokyo game show in September. cost drops, as always, are extremely welcome.

Sony’s relocation to revise hardware is a direct corollary to Geohot as well as fail0verlow’s hacking of the PS3. George Hotz publicly published the PS3’s root essential in January. The motive behind it wasn’t to spur piracy, however to make the console much more protected as well as for it to be able to run Yellow canine Linux as well as other homebrew applications.

(via PSX Scene)

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