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2 apps to Track Episodes of Your favorite TV shows

TV shows are fun, and over the years I’ve enjoyed plenty of them; as a result, I’ve got a lot of episodes to keep track of every week. will the episode for The Originals air this week? What about The Flash? Are they taking a hiatus again? having an app to keep track of upcoming episodes answers such questions.

You know how they say “There’s an app for everything”? Well, these days there are multiple apps that do the same function – some do it a little better, some have a better interface than the other, or some are downright duplicates of an existing app – whatever the reason may be, the play store has an abundance of apps of the same kind. with that said, here are 2 apps to track episodes of your favorite TV shows.

Next Episode

Next Episode has been around for a long time now and it has only gotten better with time. From the main screen, you can search for the shows you’re interested in and bookmark them in the app to keep track of coming episodes. Tapping on a show gives information about the previous and next date on which a new episode airs. Taping on show details uses a description of the show as well as recommends a few similar shows to watch.

Next Episode also supplies information about trending and hot movies.

I find the interface of next Episode somewhat decent. In the time where every app is featuring material design, the interface of next Episode seems old.

Next Episode is available on the play store for complimentary and comes with ads. It uses In-App purchase to remove ads and unlock a few pro features like push notification for airing episode, a today widget, and an option to request TV shows that are not available in the catalog.

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Showly is an awesome app. There’s nothing I don’t like about it. The UI is simply amazing. The use of very carefully selected colors, as well as existence of multiple themes, make Showly the best looking episode tracking app for Android.

The main screen of Showly shows all TV shows which are airing today, including the one you are following. The date for airing shows can be changed from the top. Swipe left, you get your watchlist. Swipe left again, you get the list of shows you are currently following. From here, you can manage your favorite shows (add or remove them from the list as well as update your last seen episode). tap on a show to see a short description of it along with the date for next episode, running status, cast, IMDB and Trakt.tv score, and a recommendation list of similar shows.

The last tab is the history tab and it shows how lots of episodes you’ve enjoyed of a certain show.

Showly also features push notification option which, once enabled, reminds you that an episode is about to air 15 minutes before its air time.

The best thing about Showly is that it doesn’t feature any kind of ads or In-App Purchase. Well, there’s a donation option available in the app but it doesn’t unlock any extra features. It’s there to let you show your appreciation towards the developer for developing such an remarkable app.

[googleplay url=””/]

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