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Get iOS look on Samsung Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S2 as well as Galaxy S3

many of you may laugh at the back of your mouth to see a publish like this. I am not feeling much comfortable too! someday just as I was taking a look at the incoming browse queries stats of the blog as well as my eyes stuck to specific keywords like “how to set up ios ROM on galaxy s3“, “flashing iphone ROM on Samsung galaxy s2“, “ios port for the galaxy ace” as well as so on. more than 50 people coming everyday to a blog with typical page rank on Google is not something to be ignored so easily.

I do not comprehend why people get so determined to flash an iOS ROM to gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy S3, or even S2? On the other hand, such a desire is somewhat plausible for the Galaxy Ace owners. The very first two smartphones are far more superior to the latest iPhone. I question if any type of iphone 5 individual ever believes of installing Android OS in his phone.

That is why I decided to do this publish to shock our dear Androiders with a soft corner for the iOS with the unfortunate news that there is no such iOS port for any type of of above-mentioned Samsung Galaxy series phones or any type of other Android device. If you dying to feel the iPhone, I have quite nice advice for you. offer your Android as well as buy an iPhone. So easy, isn’t it?

But if you feel you can make it through without an iphone as well as stay with your Android phone, I still have a nicer concept for you. Stop entertaining yourself with the concept of the existence of an iOS ROM for your Android! If can soothe your heart with an iphone style (not ROM), you will definitely get it. For this, you will have to root your Android phone as well as set up a great custom ROM like MIUI or CyanogenMod. You can then browse for an iphone style for that specific ROM as well as you will be able to enjoy the look of the iOS on your Android. In the present article, I will try to explain to you exactly how you can really do it on gadgets like the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, as well as Galaxy Ace. proceed only if you are thinking about this solution to quench your iOS thirst.

Install iOS Themed ROM on the Galaxy Ace:

If you own this mid-range Android gadget by Samsung, you can set up the iOS-themed ROM on your device. just click on the link below to head over to our useful tutorial on the topic. Please keep in mind that to flash a custom ROM on your Galaxy Ace, you will have to root the gadget first. If you have refrained from doing so yet, checked out our simple rooting tutorial too.

Root your Samsung Galaxy Ace

Install iOS 5 style ROM on Galaxy Ace

How to get iOS look on Samsung Galaxy S2:

You can likewise set up an iOS-style style on your Samsung Galaxy S2 by flashing a custom ROM like MIUI or CyanogenMod. since I am familiar with any type of truly great iphone style for the CyanogenMod ROM, I will suggest you to set up the MIUI ICS ROM on your Galaxy S2. The MIUI ROM itself is like an iPhone’s look wed to the Android framework.  If you have already rooted your device, you can directly set up the MIUI ROM on your phone by complying with the steps provided in the complying with tutorial.

How to root Samsung Galaxy S2

How to set up MIUI ROM on Galaxy S2

Download iPhone themes for MIUI

Install iphone style on Samsung Galaxy S3:

Head over to our finest custom ROMs publish for the Galaxy S3. There you will discover the link to download the latest MIUI ROM for your device. Do not fail to remember to root your gadget as well as set up ClockworkMod healing first. Without rooting your S3, you will not be able to flash a custom ROM on your device.

How to root Galaxy S3

Download latest MIUI ROM for the SGS3

Download iOS themes for MIUI

If you want any type of further assist on the topic or ask a question, feel free to decrease a comment below.

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