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If you are an old hand at RF design, you probably have a good manage on matching impedance. However, if you are just getting started with RF, [FesZ Electronic]’s most current video series on lossless impedance matching is well worth watching.

Matching is crucial for several reasons. maximum power transfer occurs when the source and load impedance match. Also, at RF, mismatched impedance can cause reflections which, again, robs you of beneficial power. The video covers some math and then moves on to LTSpice to simulate a test circuit. but the part you are really waiting for — the functional circuits — is about 15 minutes in. considering that the values you need are typically oddball, [FesZ] makes his own adjustable inductors and uses a trimmer capacitor to adjust the actual capacitance value.

This is a big topic, but the first video is a terrific introduction blending theory, simulation, and hands-on. A terrific way to get started with a very fundamental RF design skill.

We’ve serviced describing all this before if you want a second take on it. If you want to understand why mismatched impedance leads to less power delivery, we’ve done that, too.

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