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TAMAGOTCHI ROM DUMP as well as reverse engineering

commonly the true crucial to success is persistence as well as that holds true for this job which discarded the ROM from the present generation of Tamagotchi toys. If you’re a fan of discovering the tricks developed into consumer electronics — as well as you understand we are — you’ll want to go back as well as enjoy the 24-minute lecture on Tamagotchi hacking which [Natalie Silvanovich] provided a 29C3 last year. She had made rather a bit of headway hacking the playable pods, however wasn’t able to get her hands on a full ROM dump from the general plus chip on board processor. This update heralds her success as well as shares the details of exactly how it was done.

As we discovered type the video lecture it was a significant chore just to figure out what processor this uses. It [turned out to be] a 6502 core with a few other things developed in. After prowling the manufacturer’s web site she discovered example code for composing to Port A. She was then able to execute her own code which was created to dump one byte of ROM each time utilizing the SPI protocol.

[Natalie] published her code dump if you’re thinking about digging with it. however as normal we believe the journey is the most fascinating part.

[Thanks Itay]

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