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weekly Hackaday.io features an AMA of sorts. This is the Hack Chat, a chatroom where we sit down with the very best in the business to talk about producing techniques, engineering, as well as exactly how to develop the very best hardware around. Over the last few months, we’ve held a few hardware celebrities, from [Sprite_TM] speaking about the ESP32, [Lady Ada] as well as MicroPython, [Roger Thornton] of Raspberry Pi discussing exactly how to develop everyone’s preferred Linux computer, [Samy Kamkar] speaking about reverse engineering, as well as heard [bunnie’s] take on making as well as breaking hardware.

Now we’re looking for new co-hosts to lead a discussion as well as be the professional in the room. If you have the skills, we want to hear from you.

We’re looking for professionals to lead a discussion on what they’re doing. If you have a new hardware product as well as want to share the story of taking it to production while getting some comments from the Hackaday community, this is the location to do it. We’re looking for a wide variety of people who will enable us to pick their brains. If you’ve ever designed a 16-layer PCB, we want to understand exactly how (and why) you did it. If you’re into building robotics, we want to hear from you. If you’re an embedded systems wizard, this is your time to shine.

If you want to get in on this, send us an email. We’re doing one Hack chat a week, every Friday, sometime around noon, Pacific time. This is a excellent chance for you to share what you understand with one of the very best hardware neighborhoods on the Internet. It’s likewise excellent method if you’re believing about providing at the Hackaday SuperConference in November.

This Week: exactly how do Magnets work Anyway?

Do you understand exactly how magnets work? Of program you don’t, nobody does. however one of the people with the deepest understanding on the topic is Jeremy Chan who is a Prototype engineer at Nano Magnetics Ltd. This Friday at noon PST Jeremy leads a Hack chat on magnetism.

What is there to talk about? Jeremy will cover exactly how magnets are produced as well as magnetized. He’ll cover the different grades of magnets, as well as the different magnetic sensing mechanisms. He’ll likewise go into a few of the most fascinating magnetic phenomenon. exactly how commonly do you get to hang out with a magnet expert? See you this Friday!

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