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3-WHEELED electric SKATEBOARD DOES things in a different way

Typically, electric skateboards drive one or much more wheels with brushless motors, while keeping whatever mounted on otherwise fairly-standard trucks to preserve maneuverability. However, [swedishFeetballs] chose to go a different route, building a 3-wheeled style utilizing some fascinating parts.

The develop depends on a big integrated hub motor as well as wheel, similar to those you would discover on a hoverboard or some electric scooters; this is a Xiaomi part sourced from eBay. It’s managed through an off-the-shelf electric skateboard speed controller that comes total with its own remote.

The hardware is all bolted as much as a customized skateboard deck developed from scratch to accept the big single rear wheel. Up front, a routine skateboard truck is used. Batteries are mounted under the deck. Reportedly, the board has a top speed of 15 mph, which unsurprisingly matches that of the Xiaomi M365 the hub motor is sourced from.

It’s a neat method to develop an electric skateboard, as well as to be truthful we couldn’t be much more curious as to exactly how it rides. Unfortunately, only a few seconds of footage is available, however we’ve embedded it below for your viewing pleasure!

Meanwhile, you may likewise be curious as to the benefits of a half-track skateboard. video after the break.

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