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AUTOMATED BED WARMER manage FOR chilly nights

For most of the northern Hemisphere, winter is in full swing right now. That means long, chilly nights. We presume [LC] is in one of these climes since it seems like his bed warmer wasn’t doing rather a great sufficient task of getting his bed as much as a reasonable temperature before he climbed in. To reduce a few of his discomfort, he hacked into the manage system as well as added some automation.

The original controller utilizes a mechanical potentiometer to set the warm level. [LC] added a digital potentiometer which he can switch to in order to enable the automation (using a real-time clock to handle scheduling) to take over manage of the bed warmer. This likewise preserves the original performance of the controller. There is likewise an Arduino included which handles the override from mechanical to digital potentiometer when a capacitive touch sensor is activated. This means that when somebody attempts to take handbook manage of the device, the Arduino can switch the override circuit off.

There is rather a bit of detail on the job site about this hack, including the source code for the controller. [LC] likewise mentions that this might be interfaced to the web to enable remote manage of the bed warmer. This is a fantastic hack, as well as likewise fits into the concept of heating the person, not the room.

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