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Air cannons are fun, as well as ended up being a part of mainstream culture with the prominent Airzooka toy. Of course, cocking as well as firing the Airzooka gets tiring after a while, as well as they’re type of a bit small. This develop from [1alembic] delivers on both those counts. 

Cool, huh?
The result is a bigger air cannon that consistently fires all by itself. The cannon itself is developed out of a trash can with the bottom cut out. It’s then fitted with a diaphragm constructed out of a durable trash bag covered in duct tape for added strength. Latex hose is then installed inside the trash can, connected to the diaphragm. Thus, the diaphragm can be pulled back, as well as when released, it’s pulled forward, producing a rush of air with the trash can which produces a vortex sound just like the smaller Airzooka.

The automation of the cannon is beautifully simple. A string is connected to the back of the diaphragm, as well as wrapped around a rod so it can be wound up. This enables a wiper motor to turn the rod through a set of gears, pulling the diaphragm back.

However, the drive gear on the wiper motor has half its teeth missing. The system is then set up to ensure that when the diaphragm is pulled best back, the drive gear gets to the missing teeth, enabling the winder rod to spin back freely as the diaphragm shoots forward, firing the air cannon. The cycle then repeats as the drive gear re-engages the winding mechanism.

Paired with a smoke machine, the air cannon will whirr away, firing lovely smoke rings at routine intervals up until it’s changed off. It’s an stylish thing that we’d like to leave set up at a celebration to add some atmosphere. We’ve seen other air cannons developed with some genuine fire-power, too. video after the break.

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