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For exactly how remarkable Google Voice is, we’re surprised we haven’t seen this before. [Steve] is utilizing Google Voice to run commands on just about any type of Linux box.

Google Voice doesn’t have an official API, as well as existing unofficial APIs weren’t as much as snuff for [Steve]’s project. He ended up composing his own that checks his unread message inbox every minute as well as looks for new text messages beginning with the phrase, ‘Cmd’. If a series of checks pass – the text coming from a understood phone number as well as a appropriate terminal command – the command runs as well as sends the a text back indicating success or failure.

While [Steve] most likely won’t be playing nethack or Zork via SMS anytime soon, we can see this being extremely useful for a Raspi house automation task. just send a text message as well as a properly configured Linux box can open your garage door, turn on the lights, or even begin a webcam.

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