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[Larry Bank]’s Arduino library to print text as well as graphics on BLE (Bluetooth low Energy) thermal printers has some excellent features, as well as makes sending wireless print tasks to a number of typical designs about as simple as can be. These printers are small, inexpensive, as well as wireless. That’s a fantastic mix that makes them appealing for jobs that would benefit from printing out a hardcopy.

It’s not restricted to simple default text, either. Fancier output can be done utilizing Adafruit_GFX library-style font styles as well as options, which sends the formatted text as graphics. You can checked out all about what the library can perform in this succinct listing of concise functions.

But [Larry] hasn’t stopped there. While experimenting with microcontrollers as well as BLE thermal printers, he likewise wished to check out speaking to these printers from his Mac utilizing BLE directly. Print2BLE is a MacOS application that enables dragging picture data into the application’s window, as well as if the preview looks good, the print button makes it come out of the printer as a 1-bpp dithered image.

Small thermal printers produce neat projects, such as this retrofitted Polaroid camera, as well as now that these bit printers are both wireless as well as economical, things can only get easier with the assist of a library like this. Of course, if that’s all starting to look a bit as well easy, one can always put the thermal back in thermal printing by utilizing plasma, instead.

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