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Here’s a suggestion to keep in your back pocket, you can utilize a metal data to change your resistors. [Gareth] shows off this method in the video after the break. A metal data is actually all that you requirement to do some fine tuning. just make sure you’re starting off with a carbon film resistor as this will not work with the metal film variety.

His example shows a 10k resistor which is reading just 9.92k on his multimeter. however he needs exactly 10k. After getting with the protective layer he makes just a couple of passes with a little file, each time adding about 20 Ohms of resistance. now he does mention that extreme deep cuts can hurt the power score of the resistor. however this definitely isn’t damaging it if done correctly. It turns out this is exactly how they are tuned at the factory.

One possible utilize he mentions is trimming the balance on a hacked servo motor.

[Thanks David]

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