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Pascal is not one of the most significant programming languages these days; it’s fallen into the background as the world moved on to newfangled things like C#, Python as well as Java. However, the language has its fans, one of whom put together a new compiler which targets vintage platforms – as well as it goes by the name Turbo Rascal.

The listing of supported platforms is extensive, with Turbo Rascal able to compile highly-optimized binaries for the C64, Amiga 500, BBC Micro, IBM PC, Atari ST, game Boy, Amstrad, NES, ZX Spectrum, as well as more. There’s a usable IDE as well as even an included graphics editor for getting jobs put together quickly. likewise understood by its full name of Turbo Rascal Syntax Error, or TRSE, it’s the work of one [Nicolaas Groeneboom].

The compiler runs on 64-bit Windows, Linux, as well as OS X, as well as there are comprehensive tutorial videos offered on YouTube, too. Thus, there’s no reason not to begin establishing a new vintage game immediately. inspect out the demo video below, as well as keep in mind – as long as we keep utilizing it, Pascal isn’t dead!

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