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Although the excitement of introducing rockets is typically discovered in their risk-free respectable back to Earth, ultimately you’re going to want some data from your flight. whatever from barometric pressure, GPS logging, as well as acceleration data is a helpful thing to have, particularly if you’re trying to ideal your craft. [zortness] over on reddit produced a data logging board produced particularly for amateur rocketry, a fantastic piece of work that stands as much as the rigors of going extremely quick as well as extremely high.

The style of the board is a shield for the Arduino Mega as well as Due, as well as includes sufficient sensors for over-analyzing any type of rocket flight. The GPS logs place as well as altitude at 66Hz, two accelerometers determine as much as 55 G. Barometric, temperature, as well as compass sensors tell the ground station all the data they would requirement to understand over a ZigBee 900MHz radio link.

Because this is an Arduino, setting up flight events such as deploying the primary as well as drogue chutes are as simple as publishing a bit of code. [zortness] built this for a 4″ diameter rocket, however he states it may in shape in a 3″ rocket. We just can’t wait to see some videos of it in action.

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