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We were skeptical about Keurig machines when we very first heard about them. Although we still scoff at the added squander of throwing away a plastic container of utilized grounds for every cup of coffee made, we tried one at the in-laws as well as it does brew a fantastic cup of Joe. one of the draws of the maker is that it does it quite much immediately as long as you fill it with water first. [Joseph Collins] is even taking the work out of that by adding a water supply line to his Keurig.

His coffee maker sits ideal next to the fridge, which has its own water supply. So someday he thought, why not run a line to the coffee maker as well? As far as plumbing jobs go it’s extremely simple. He pulled out the refrigerator as well as added a T-fitting to split the water supply line. From there he ran an extension next to the coffee maker that terminates with a valve being directed to by the arrow in the lower left. The plastic supply line leaving the valve passes with a rubber grommet in the lid of the water reservoir directed to by the other arrow.

[Joseph] figures the whole job came in at under $30 as well as shows exactly how he did it in the clip after the break.

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