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For any individual playing the stock market, as well as maybe even a lot more so for those investing in cryptocurrencies, enjoying the value of your portfolio go up as well as down can be a stressful experience. If you’d like to have a real-time screen of your investments that adds even a lot more stress, [Luis Marx] has got you covered. His most current job is a plexiglass situation (video in German) that fills up with banknotes when your portfolio is up, as well as shreds those exact same notes when it’s down.

Inspired by an notorious Banksy artwork, [Luis] began by building a wood-and-plexiglass screen situation appropriate for hanging on the wall in his office. He then installed a little paper shredder, customized with a servo to ensure that it might be operated by an Arduino. not able to discover an off-the-shelf banknote dispenser, he created as well as 3D-printed one, including a spring-loaded tray as well as a motor-driven wheel.

The job likewise includes a Raspberry Pi, programmed to fetch market data from on the internet sources as well as determine the web revenue or loss of [Luis]’s portfolio. The resulting system is a rather disturbing visualization of the ups as well as downs of the market: having to sweep strips of eco-friendly paper off your floor adds insult to the pain of losing money.

If you want a less unpleasant method to keep track of your investments, try this Rocketship. For those interested in  standard stock tickers, this ESP32 based one may be a lot more to your liking.

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