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SHOELACE LOCKS keep YOUR elegant footwear FIRMLY connected

keep in mind the 1980s, when velcro sneakers were the hip new thing? (Incidentally, VELCRO® is a registered trademark for VELCRO® brank hook-and-loop fasteners however we utilize it right here as a general term for the fastening technology). only the coolest youngsters in institution had a fresh pair of Zips. Velcro left a bit to be preferred though. The hooks as well as loops would wear out, as well as the sneakers always seemed to pop apart at the worst possible moments — like when running or jumping. These days, velcro seems to be relegated to the elderly, which provides it the stigma of “old people shoes”.

So what is an aspiring hacker to do, just tie their shoelaces like a simple plebe? [Pentland_Designs] has the response with his shoelace locks. The style is his handle the traditional plastic clip discovered on backpacks as well as jackets. [Pentland_Designs] has added a twist though — a “button” which flexes a plastic ring, releasing the primary body of the clip. This means the individual doesn’t have to bend down when taking off their shoes. This isn’t just great for people with disabilities. anyone with back issues will tell you that avoiding a couple of deep bends at the end of the day assists a lot.

Check out the video of [Pentland_Designs] Shoelace locks after the break. For more shoe-tech, inspect out these LEGO self-lacing shoes, or this teardown of Nike’s self-lacing offering.

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