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[Jeff Joray] composed in to show off this perpetual Pong gadget he built. The six by ten LED matrix acts as a game board for Pong however there are no controls. The board just plays against itself. It’s quite much a pong clock without the clock.

The brain of the gadget is a pic 16F684 which drives the six rows of the screen directly. He went with a decade counter (CD74HC401) to scan the rows one at a time. now what would you expect to discover on the underside of this hunk of protoboard? A rat’s nest of point to point wiring? If so you’re going to be disappointed. [Jeff] spent the time to produce a schematic as well as board design in Eagle. While at it, he understood he was going to be utilizing protoboard so the artwork is designed to utilize solder bridging as much as possible. What he ends up with is one of the cleanest mutiplexed one-off jobs you’re going to find. See it in action after the jump.

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