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around 1960, [Aaron]’s grandfather decided to try his hand at a new career in electronics repair. It didn’t pan out, however before he provided up he developed a lovely Heathkit oscilloscope, a design OR-1. Grandpa’s electronics career never took off, however years later it would serve as the impetus for [Aaron]’s own career in electronics. now [Aaron] has as well many oscilloscopes, however still desired a method to protect his grandfather’s legacy. An oscilloclock was just the job to do that.

Of program to turn an oscilloscope into a clock needs some fascinating manage circuitry, as well as [Aaron] didn’t skimp on his build. He produced a custom manage board that is able to draw any type of shape on the CRT screen utilizing just circles; squashing circles to draw a line, as well as cutting the beam completely to slice a circle in half.

This isn’t [Aaron]’s very first oscilloclock by a long shot. He previously produced this amazing clock completely from scratch. Still, utilizing Grandpa’s old tools is a excellent method to make this oscilloscope useful again, even if [Aaron] is already as much as his gills in test equipment.

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