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The Motorola-manufactured Nexus 6 is Google’s latest Nexus series smartphone developed for size as well as perfection. complying with the success of the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 as well as the Nexus 5, the Nexus 6 is made to provide its individuals with whatever more in size, be it the software application or hardware. It supports a QHD 5.96-inch Gorilla Glass AMOLED display, altering the whole gaming as well as media playback experience, 13 MP camera with picture stabilization as well as Dual-LED flash for defined pictures, an Adreno 420 graphics system for the very best in-hand gaming experience, as well as running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor with 2.7 GHz quad-core CPU. buying this gadget may most likely be the very best option you made as well as shall prove deserving to you in the future too.

With the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop, individuals as well as designers at XDA are spirited than ever. custom Firmware manufacturers like PA as well as CM have already started their work on the same. since the Nexus 6 is one of the very first gadgets to run the latest Android version, it is extremely expected to be the very first to get the custom Firmware support. a number of custom ROMs are already out for this extremely device, however do you have any type of concept of which one of the great deal is meant for you to be your option as well as buddy for a long run? There are individuals right here who don’t as well as we’re right here to resolve this in your head. So, it will be simple for you to determine your partner.

Installing a custom ROM needs your Nexus 6 to be bootloader unlocked as well as running a custom healing like TWRP. Bootloader might be just unlocked utilizing the fastboot oem unlock command while your Nexus 6 is in fastboot/bootloader mode. You perform the other operation quickly utilizing the link below.

How to root Nexus 6 as well as set up TWRP Recovery

The listing below is totally based on individual comments as well as ROM features, none of which is our personal touch as well as is totally unbiased.

How to set up a custom ROM on Nexus 6

We have already covered a total guide to help you in flashing a custom ROM on your Android device. most of the designers specify their specific flashing procedure (if any) or else you can just click on the link below as well as comply with the path to installing your favourite custom ROM.

How to Flash custom ROMs on Android Devices

Best custom ROMs for Nexus 6


Developer: rascarlo

ROM Review:

Rastapop is an Android custom ROM based on 5.0 Lollipop as well as is now likewise offered for the Nexus 6 users. It is a brilliant result of the team’s difficult work. Rastapop is solely based on AOSP code, adds a few bits of CyanogenMod code as well as adds features of its own. The originality of this ROM is that it is not bloated with plentiful features, it comprises only of a restricted yet extremely useful features that are looked ahead by most users. It is lightweight as well as quick compared to most ROMs out there.

As for now, Rastapop is running a nightly phase, with latest Google updates being included. in spite of of its Nightly label, it is thought about steady sufficient for everyday usage as well as is extremely suggested by the individuals as well. below are a few of its major features which can be observed, however there are tons of other custom codes which makes the ROM fast, light as well as stable:

Status bar brightness control

Status bar battery percentage

Custom Navigation bar height

Volume key features (Rocker, adjustment, cursor control)

Advanced Reboot Menu

Kill button support

Installation Instructions

Rastapop designers prefer as well as extremely suggest TWRP for flashing this ROM. If you’re not sure of the direct designer directions listed below, look above link on exactly how to flash a custom ROM.

DO NOT wipe YOUR interior STORAGE

full wipe if coming from a different rom, else avoid this step

wipe cache

flash build

flash gapps

(opt.) flash SuperSu/Superuser

live up

Visit the Rastapop XDA thread for online discussion as well as direct designer support.

2. SlimLP

Developer: SlimROMs

ROM Review

SlimROMs have maintained their popularity since the age of Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich, complied with by KitKat as well as now it has lastly landed on Lollipop. The team aims on building a ROM which is slimmed down (lost every bloatware) as well as still is rich in features. SlimLP is likewise based on AOSP code as well as is a user’s finest approach to features, as well as tons of features! however still throwing a feel of lightweight. SlimLP is all about choices, be it GApps or Add-ons, this method a individual gets what he/she wishes as well as not what he is provided with. The ROM is developed taking individuals in consideration as well as what they seek in a custom ROM.

For now, SlimLP is offered as Alpha releases, which means the neighborhood has nnullnull

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