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Baidu Browser: A Feature-Packed Yet simplistic technique to web browsing on Android

web browsing is one thing that really figures out whether a phone is ‘smart’ enough. and Android has been widely known for its web-browsing prowess thanks to the burgeoning application store and multiple appealing options. While there are many options for enthusiasts on the platform, you never know what suits your style. but take a feature-packed app with a simple-to-use interface, and you know you have got a winner to deal with! Baidu browser is one such option for Android users all over.

Browsing is All that Matters

Even though a lot of people’s requirements aren’t quite alike, a lot of of the time, the majority uses their phone for social networking. but speed is one thing which we simply can’t live without when it pertains to accessing our much-loved websites. and the headache really starts when your browser refuses to load web pages on a somewhat slower connection. The fact that we are yet to reach the pinnacle of network access doesn’t help either. and these are the exact scenarios where Baidu browser comes out of the closet to stake its claim.

On launching Baidu Browser, you are greeted with an intuitive start-screen with a few preset popular sites as speed dial and the local weather on top. These speed dials are customizable and new ones can be added as you wish. Swipe towards the right, and you will see a well-designed feeds page covering popular news and trending topics from a plethora of topics. These topics are configurable as you wish with the option to add new topics or remove existing ones. The browsing experience itself is as streamlined as you’d expect with an automatically disappearing universal URL & search bar, and option to select your preferred search engine. The live thumbnail tab switcher is simplistic yet functional and we liked the fact that it takes up only a small portion of your screen.

Oh! and the Features!

Okay. so that was all about the core stuff, let’s get on with the nitty-gritty aspects of this browser now. first of all, when you tap the menu button on the bottom, you’ll get a lot more features at your disposal. You can switch to night mode or take a screenshot, and our favorite — even scan a QR Code! Dig in deep in the settings menu and you will see all the options for customizing your experience that bit more.

Here you’ll find options for altering the font size or the User-agent for the browser and add your social network accounts too!  Other finer details too can be controlled here on your wish. and hey, we forgot one thing, there’s a feature for adding a hovering desktop widget too! This little thing will give you the option to have your much-loved sites ideal at your fingertips as and when you need them.

And there you go! The finer things in life are experienced on our own and you must do the same with this app too!


We know that the big players of the browser game (we are checking out you, Chrome and Firefox) are getting better with time, but they glamourize the no-nonsense technique to the hilt. There are some of us who like to have certain features ideal there when we need them. and that’s exactly where Baidu browser shines! If you can do away with desktop tab syncing in favour of many features to optimize your mobile browser experience; you cannot afford to look further! Head over to the Play store at the end of this post to tingle your geeky tastebuds.

Adios folks!

Download Baidu Browser

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