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ACME Installer For CyanogenMod 7 Demoed On HP TouchPad, will let You Dual-Boot Android / webOS [VIDEO]

CyanogenMod 7 for HP TouchPad has made further development today, as the designers have revealed a tool called ACME Installer which will enable individuals to dual-boot CM7 with webOS on their TouchPad.

It’s been a long time since we last talked about CyanogenMod 7 for HP’s discontinued TouchPad tablet. It was all rather for the past two weeks from the developers, however today they uploaded an all-new video in which they demonstrate a tool called ACME.

From YouTube:

Internet Darling,

It has been almost a week since you’ve heard from us. Far, far as well long.

Today we want to introduce you to “A CyanogenMod Experimental Installer”, aka “ACME Installer”. when released, it will be a relatively simple as well as ideally risk-free technique to set up CM to your Touchpad. The process is as simple as we might make it– when you begin ACME Installer, it does all the difficult stuff.

We won’t get into the details of what is shown in the video as you can watch it for yourself, instead we’ll talk about ACME Installer.

The tool is called ACME Installer (A CyanogenMod Experimental Installer) as well as it will enables individuals to set up CyanogenMod on their TouchPad in a “fairly simple” as well as risk-free method. when the tool is released, individuals will only need three data to set up CM7: the ACME Installer itself, a program called novacom for Windows, Mac as well as Linux from HP which will be utilized to run ACME Installer and, lastly, a data called cm-update which contains all the CM7 files.

The finest thing about ACME Installer is how, well, simple as well as simple it will be to utilize as well as exactly how individuals will be able to switch between CM7 Android as well as webOS whenever they feel like it.

The designers do specify that the presentation of ACME Installer should not be taken to suggest an imminent alpha release of CM7 for TouchPad. There are, apparently, lots of things that need work before they ended up being prepared for public consumption.

For the uninitiated, CyanogenMod 7 for HP TouchPad comes under the TouchDroid job which was revealed a long time back after HP revealed the discontinuation of their failing webOS-based TouchPad tablet. The job aims to port Android 2.3.x Gingerbread (and, ultimately, Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich) to the TouchPad.

Interested people can comply with our guide on exactly how to set up Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread on HP TouchPad. This develop of Android is separate from CM7 as well as isn’t truly suggested unless you mean to establish Android for TouchPad.

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