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Sweden is coming out of the depths of a cold, dark winter. What much better time, then, to delight in the last few weeks of frigid temperatures, short days, as well as frozen lakes as well as rivers? That’s what Orsa speed weekend is all about; tearing across a frozen lake by any type of implies necessary, including jet powered snowmobiles.

This pulse jet comes from the fruitful minds at Svarthalet Racing (Google Translation) who have put an amazing amount of work into their fuel-injected pulse jet snowmobile during these last chilly winter season months. They’ve even gone so far as to do some analysis regarding exactly how much horsepower their snowmobile has. Surprisingly, it’s not much much more horsepower than a little car, however that’s because of the humorous inefficiency of pulse jets compared to much more traditional engines.

This isn’t the very first time we’ve seen jet powered snowmobiles develop for Orsa speed Weekend. We’ll just hope this year a few much more videos will show up in our suggestion line.

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