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REVERSE engineering A affordable LED MESSAGE MARQUEE

[Hugo] went all out when sharing his findings while reverse engineering this little LED marquee. He bought the 29×7 LED matrix for under $12 however was surprised to discover that the USB connector wasn’t a common type as well as didn’t include a cable. He very first soldered a common connector in location as well as then set out to make the gadget do his bidding (translated).

What he accomplished can be seen in the video after the break. He can now link to the gadget via a USB cable, sending it new messages as well as adjusting the speed at which it scrolls. He can likewise change the spacing between letters, reverse the scrolling direction, checked out the on-board buttons, as well as compose the settings to the device’s EEPROM. This is all thanks to some alternate firmware that [Hugo] composed for the ATmega88. You can download a copy of that code from the wiki page he put together (translated). We truly appreciate the time he spent putting that page together. The riches of info he gathered during the hacking process serves as an example of the very best method to share your jobs with the world.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/22774505 w=470]

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