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[furrysalamander] has a buddy that is a truly huge physician who fan. It occurs that this buddy has a birthday coming up, as well as [furrysalamander] wished to get her something amazing. A Sonic Screwdriver is always a fantastic gift, however [furrysalamander] wished to put his personal touch on it. He ended up adding a TV-B-Gone to [10]’s screwdriver, turning a fictional deus ex machina into a practical device.

The body of the Sonic comes from this replica of [10]’s screwdriver from believe Geek. Inside, the screwdriver has area for a battery a circuit board to manage the lights as well as noise normally expected of a sonic screwdriver. [furrysalamander] added a freeform circuit composed of an ATtiny85, a transistor, LED, as well as a few resistors to add the capability to turn just about any type of TV off.

Of program [furrysalamander] needed to program the ATtiny with the TV-B-Gone firmware, as well as lacking any type of AVR advancement tools he utilized a Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins to compose the firmware to the microcontroller. That’s something we’ve seen before, however [furrysalamander] is a champ for including the process in his Instructable.

The end result is a Sonic Screwdriver that doesn’t work on wood as well as can’t break a deadlock seal. It turns off TVs just fine, though, as well as looks fantastic to boot. You can inspect out a demo of [furrysalamander]’s sonic in action after the break.

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