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CAMERA technique lets YOU SEE noise WAVES IN falling WATER

From this still picture you’d believe the hose dispensing the water is being moved back as well as forth. however enjoy the video after the break as well as you’ll see the hose is rather steady, as is the standing wave of water. It’s bizarre to be sure. understanding exactly how it works makes cognitive sense, however doesn’t truly reduce the novelty of the demonstration.

This is the second time [Brasspup] has published a video of this phenomenon. The newest version does a fantastic task of showing a number of different patterns. however even the very first section from a year ago, which has over 4 million hits, shows the water moving against gravity. We likewise saw a similar rig in a links publish a year ago.

We’d phone call it an optical illusion however it’s truly a lot more of a technological illusion. The water is falling past a sub-woofer speaker which is tuned to 24 Hz. At the exact same time, the cam filming the presentation is catching 24 frames per second. As was pointed out then, it’s much like flashing a light to freeze the water in mid-air. however the flashing of the frames is what triggers this effect.

[Thanks Limpkin as well as Michael]

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