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WORKSHOP computer FLOATS above BENCH and IS nearly WIRELESS

[Ezra] used the parts he had lying around to build a self-contained dual screen shop computer. What might one name such a project? obviously you’d call it the Dr. FrankenComputer.

The lower monitor is a dell desktop flat screen. during prototyping [Ezra] used the stand to support everything. but to keep his work space clear the final version has been mounted to the wall in the corner of his lab. The upper display is the LCD from a Compaq laptop which he wasn’t using. The laptop still works and we believe that’s what is driving the Fedora system. A bracket mounted to the desktop screen’s inner skeleton supports the laptop screen and motherboard. One power supply feeds everything and connects to an outlet in the wall behind the monitors. The keyboard and mouse are wireless, as is the computer’s connection to the network.

The only thing we would worry about in our own shop is sawdust filling the heat sinks and other components of the motherboard. perhaps his lab is electronic projects only or he has a dust cover that he uses when the system isn’t in use.

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