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[glacialwanderer], who you may remember from his CNC device build, recently completed an electric spinning wheel. Spinning wheels are used by knitters to turn raw sheep’s wool into yarn. He went through several iterations before reaching a good design. Besides the motor, there are two major components to the spinning wheel: the flyer and the bobbin. A Scotch tension brake is used to slow the rotation of the bobbin in relation to the flyer. This causes the wool to twist as it’s pulled on.

He initially tried to just use a dimmer switch with an AC motor. That rapidly burnt up. The next version used a sewing device motor because they’re developed with a variable speed control. Unfortunately, it didn’t have enough torque at low speeds. The final design used a DC motor with a SyRen motor controller. It provided plenty of power and at ~$150 it’s still less than the most affordable commercial models on eBay. You can see a video of it and the spinning process embedded below.

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