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If you’re working with little parts, even the smallest table saw offered at house Depot or Lowes is generally overkill. For cutting up little pieces of wood, metal, as well as copper-clad board, a micro table saw is a fantastic investment. They’re really quite inexpensive, however why just buy one when you can make one that is much better than any type of design on the market?

The bed is built out of 1/4″ aluminum plate with a 1/15 horsepower motor bolted to the underside. The fence clamps on to the table with a pair of delrin brackets, while the angle guide is made from delrin as well as a brass bar that fits into a slot in the table.

The actual blades came from a Proxxon micro table saw (a extremely great brand from our experience), however comparing this homemade saw to the industrial one provides a few surprises: The Proxxon has a more powerful motor, however the homebrew version has four times the cutting capacity. You can inspect out this saw cutting a 1/4″ aluminum bar in the video after the break.

Thanks [Hubert] for sending this in.

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