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How To Play YouTube Audio In background On iOS 7

While Spotify as well as Rdio are taking over from iTunes when it comes to the kids’ preferred method of consuming music, we’re told by just about everybody younger than us that the genuine method to get a music repair is to utilize YouTube. full of music videos in addition to the strange unofficial recording, YouTube has ended up being a significant video-based music jukebox for many, with the added benefit of it being absolutely free. Really, what’s not to love?

Well, for starters there’s the problem of listening to music on an iphone or iPad while doing other things. Multitasking is all well as well as good, however post-iOS 7, modifications to the method video streaming is handled have meant that quitting the YouTube app, or indeed Safari when playing something from YouTube’s website, sees the music be paused by the system. It’s a pain in the rear if all you wished to do was listen to the latest 1D abomination while flicking with your business emails.

Thankfully though, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

As has been explained by lots of people already, it’s really possible to restart the audio part of a YouTube stream from anywhere in iOS. All you requirement to do is begin the video from inside the native Safari browser, Chrome or anything else that isn’t the official YouTube app as well as stop / press the house button as normal. You’ll notice the familiar feeling of dread as the music stops, however fear not. just invoke manage center as well as hit that huge ‘Play’ button that’s staring you in the face. You should notice a prolonged URL scrolling above it to denote what the stream is that is about to be played. hitting ‘Play’ should see that stream continue from where it left off when you stop the app that was playing it earlier. All nice as well as simple, we’re sure you’ll agree.

As we mentioned before, this doesn’t seem to work with the official YouTube app, however utilizing a web browser or one of the third-party YouTube apps will soon kind that bit issue out.

An simple repair to a typical complaint!

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